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August 30, 2019

We at BFHS believe that it is important to provide well-thought-out guidelines under which our school environment may flourish. A school dress code is an important aspect to any school as it helps establish a “culture of learning” and reduces the importance of outward physical appearance, allowing teachers and students to focus on each other’s words and deeds rather than external distractions. It is not the desire of BFHS to quash individuality, but rather to give partiality and opportunity for those aspects of our students which highlight their virtue and character as expressed inside the classroom and around campus.
It is impossible for us to keep up with every fashion trend, nor do we want to. Which means that most of the current fads are not directly addressed. Therefore our dress code has been adopted with broad principles in mind; modesty, neatness, and limiting distractions.
The manner in which we handle student dress is in line with how we handle most things in our school – the tried and true is given priority over the latest and greatest. In a world which seems to frequently give children mixed and ever-changing messages, our parents have come to appreciate our school as an institution in their children’s lives which is constant, predictable, and in line with traditional virtue. 
We have a thriving culture of truth, beauty, and goodness at BFHS and each of the many elements of our school from the policies, procedures, education, expectations, and most importantly the people, help to create and mold the environment. Collectively they form what it means to be a Benjamin Franklin Charger.
Benjamin Franklin High School is a very special place because of the families which our school and its mission attracts. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Warmest regards,

Mark McAfee
Principal – Benjamin Franklin High School


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