Family Spotlight - The Wilcoxes

We are so grateful for the families that help make our schools so special, and we are excited to share their stories with you! They'll share about their experience at our schools as well as the academic and personal growth their children have experienced by attending Benjamin Franklin Charter School for their K-12 schooling. Our hope is to help you see what your child's future holds when they experience a complete K-12 education from Benjamin Franklin Charter School. 

1) What made you decide to send your children to Benjamin Franklin Charter School (BFCS)?

     We moved to Arizona a couple years before our oldest daughter started school. We were excited that there were so many school choices here. We live very close to our neighborhood school but after researching other schools, we felt that Benjamin Franklin was where we wanted our kids to go. We loved the curriculum and liked the "Back-to-Basics" philosophy. All of our kids have attended Benjamin Franklin and last year my youngest graduated from kindergarten and my oldest graduated from high school. 

2) Why do you continue to send your children to BFCS?

     We have continued to send our children to Benjamin Franklin for lots of reasons. All our children have excelled academically and I believe it's mainly because they are in an environment that is consistent and challenging. They believe they can do hard things and they are held accountable for the work they do and also for their behavior. Benjamin Franklin is very family oriented and I feel like the teachers and staff have a genuine desire to see these children succeed. 

3) What are some of the long-term benefits you feel your children will receive because of attending BFCS for their K-12 education?

     It is hard to put into words the benefits my children have experienced from a consistent education with Benjamin Franklin. I feel like it's not just my kids that have benefited but it's our entire family. Cherished family friendships have developed throughout our time at Benjamin Franklin. My children attend a school where the values taught at home are expounded and supported at school. They are getting an amazing education. My children are learning to take responsibility for their own work, their own behavior, and their own lives. They have developed mentors at Benjamin Franklin that have pushed and cared about them. My oldest daughter is succeeding at college because she was taught how to manage her time and to study and prepare.  They have been given many opportunities to pursue extracurricular activities, including sports, choir, and student government. Benjamin Franklin has definitely become part of our family and my husband and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that it has given our children.