Family Spotlight - The Kemps

We are so grateful for the families that help make our schools so special, and we are excited to share their stories with you! They'll share about their experience at our schools as well as the academic and personal growth their children have experienced by attending Benjamin Franklin Charter School for their K-12 schooling. Our hope is to help you see what your child's future holds when they experience a complete K-12 education from Benjamin Franklin Charter School. 

1) What made you decide to send your son to Benjamin Franklin Charter School (BFCS)?

     We were lucky enough to have Benjamin Franklin recommended to us when our son was in preschool. Being new to the area that recommendation was one of the greatest gifts we could have received… we put ourselves on the waiting list and luckily we were able to start kindergarten shortly there after.

2) Why do you continue to send your him to BFCS?

      We have always liked the curriculum structure and the bit of advancement over other schools. The tight-knit smaller school environment has always been nice in that we know that activities are heavily monitored and in turn we have always felt our child was well looked after.  We like that the smaller school environment allows the teachers and administrators to be easily accessible which in turn gives us much more security in our child’s well being and education. We appreciate the emphasis put on various virtues and the promotion of patriotism. 

3) What are some of the benefits you feel your son received by attending BFCS for his K-12 education?

   The family- focused tight-knit school that is BFCS has created a welcoming and secure environment that has always encouraged great growth for our son. He has always felt comfortable in asking for help, pursuing sports and branching out in different areas that he may not have in a really large school. He has formed special friendships with teachers, administrators, and coaches that will last long after his school years. We have been blessed by BFCS and highly recommend this fantastic school family to anyone.