Family Spotlight - The Wheelers

We are so grateful for the families that help make our schools so special, and we are excited to share their stories with you! They'll share about their experience at our schools as well as the academic and personal growth their children have experienced by attending Benjamin Franklin Charter School for their K-12 schooling. Our hope is to help you see what your child's future holds when they experience a complete K-12 education from Benjamin Franklin Charter School. 


1) What made you decide to send your children to Benjamin Franklin Charter School (BFCS)?

     We chose Benjamin Franklin Charter School (BFCS) based purely on test scores. We did our research a couple of years before our eldest started Kindergarten. We knew we didn’t want the neighborhood public school and looked into the charter schools in the area. We saw that BFCS consistently outperformed local public schools and charter schools in the area. They gave me a tour of the school even though my daughter wasn’t going to start for a couple of years. When it came time to enroll, the school was still outperforming other schools so BFCS was an easy choice.

2) Why do you continue to send your children to BFCS?

     We continue to send our children to BFCS for a couple of different reasons. BFCS still outperforms local schools. With that in mind, we wouldn’t dream of moving the kids.
BFCS now has a high school. Our eldest child is now a sophomore in high school. When she first started at BFCS, the school only went through junior high. We were thrilled when the school opened the high school campus, because now we knew we wouldn’t have to look for a comparable school. Our children are able to continue in a system they already knew, and get the quality of education that we have come to expect from BFCS.

     I love the teachers and staff at BFCS. It’s a smaller school, so as a parent I am able to get to know the teachers and staff. It’s a nice perk to be able to walk in and know who I am talking to, and they know me! The staff are warm, intelligent, funny and caring... precisely who I want my children to be around.

3) What are some of the long-term benefits you feel your children will receive because of attending BFCS for their K-12 education?

     There are a great deal of benefits for the kids being at BFCS. Because it is a charter and not a neighborhood school, they not only have friends in the community but also in neighboring communities. The students aren’t all from the neighborhood- they can’t just walk down the street to see their friend. So they have learned to make an effort in keeping and maintaining their friendships.
     Academically, students at BFCS are ahead of the game. Going through the BFCS system means they are learning subjects a year ahead of what the state sets for their grade level. Poem recitation in the elementary level helps students with public speaking skills, something they can use throughout their lives. At the junior high and high school level, English and History topics run alongside each other, so whatever time period is being studied in one is also being studied in the other. This helps to reinforce what is being learned and makes it easier to remember. Socratic seminars are the norm at the junior high and high school as well, allowing the students more opportunities to speak as well as reinforcing critical thinking skills, thought organization and showing the students you can agree to disagree civilly.
     For the future, as I am finding out (since the eldest is starting to look into colleges), it looks very bright and promising. With their school experience, extra-circular activities, and guidance from the counselor, getting into the college they want looks easy! Scholarships are plentiful and those who attend BFCS make the most of it and qualify for many, many scholarships. My eldest’s aspirations are high, as she has come to live up to my, my husband’s and her own high expectations. I look forward to my other two children growing up and seeing the goals they set for themselves. All three of my children want to further their education, not because it is expected of them but because they want to better themselves.