Kindergarten Program

Benjamin Franklin Charter School offers an enriching half-day kindergarten program. We believe that children are very capable and are ready to be challenged. In our program, students are taught kindergarten level curriculum during the first semester of the school year where students are reading after a few months. Students are taught 1st grade level curriculum during the second semester of their kindergarten school year and are prepared to learn 2nd grade level curriculum in their 1st grade school year.

Some of the highlights of our kindergarten program include:

  • Well-rounded program, including phonics, spelling, reading, math and science
  • Daily reading, small groups, individual attention and thematic units
  • Specials, including art, music, recess and physical education
  • Additional events, including Christmas concert, class parties and field trips
  • Optional clubs and camps, including homework, running, cheer and athletics
  • Certified teachers, including Spalding certification
  • Direct instruction method and sequential teaching
  • Classroom teacher aides and parent volunteers

We also offer a free full-day Kindergarten program in addition to our morning and afternoon half-day options.