Parent Reviews of Benjamin Franklin Charter School

The following are reviews given by BFCS parents from all four campuses

"Our children went to a few different schools in the Queen Creek area before we found Benjamin Franklin. We felt as if the other schools lacked the resources and support to provide the type of education and structure that we were looking for. When we explored Benjamin Franklin as an option we quicly felt like it was the right choice based on a afew different reasons. Primarily, we felt that the academic focus was aimed at the classical education we were looking for. Within that, the class sizes were not oversized and we felt the teachers were supported, and truly cared about educating our children. We also thought that the level of discipline and structure was also appropriate to help drive the values we wanted to instill in our children. Finally, there are many extracurricular activites and school events available to the kids at Benjamin Franklin. We feel as if many get the opportunity to balance their academics along with their sports or other extracurricular activities that they may be interested in. We can say that we trust in the leadership at Benjamin Franklin as they have proven to be fair, honest, and hard-working. We are extremely pleased with the education our 3 children are receiving from BFCS!" 

- Parent of Crismon Campus & BFHS Students

"I love teaching at Benjamin Franklin Charter School. The program is amazing with proven results. My daughter attended BFCS K-6 (before the JH/HS was built) and she is a successful college graduate pursing her PA degree. I know BFCS gave her the foundational tools needed to be successful. I am grateful I had the choice to send her to a quality school. As a parent and teacher I appreciate the advanced curriculum, values, and back-to-basic education that the students at our school receive. BFCS is the best!

- Mrs. Beavers, a 6th Grade Teacher at Crismon and Former BFCS Parent

"We love our school! As a parent, I love that they teach the traditional way, and not common core. I love how family oriented, welcoming, and caring they are for our kids."

- Parent of Power Campus Students

"I brought my children to Benjamin Franklin Charter School 10 years ago, and it was strictly because of the academics. The school outperformed all the other schools at the time, and still does, and that is what brought me in. What kept me in is still the academics, but also the teachers and staff whom I love (I get to know everybody!), and the success of my children. My oldest goes to the high school and she is flourishing there! My two younger ones are here at the elementary campus and they love it, they are so prepared for Junior High. It's just a great place to be around! There's flag ceremony, Veterans Day, honoring the country - it's what you want in your child and that's why I'm still here."

- Parent of Gilbert Campus & BFHS Students

"We chose Benjamin Franklin Charter School on top of the rigorous and challenging curriculum because it felt like home. My family had just moved from Wisconsin where my daughters attended a much smaller charter school, and I didn't want them to feel even more overwhelmed with all the changes. The staff is amazing - they welcomed us and made us feel like we have always been a part of the BFCS Family. I am glad to be a Benjamin Franklin Panter!"

- Parent of Power Campus Students

"We love Benjamin Franklin for many reasons. After shopping around and attending other schools in the area, we chose to come here for the great curriculum: the emphasis on phongrams have made strong readers in our family! We also came here because we saw how the teachers go above and beyond for their students! We are a military family, and appreciate the patriotism that is alive and well at the Benjamin Franklin school. We love that there is a solid dress code that's upheld and that helps the focus be on learning versus what everybody's wearing. We could go on an don, but we know Franklin is where our kids are going to stay!"

- Parent of Crismon Campus Students

"Over the past 12 years, all six of our children have attended Benjamin Franklin Charter School and there are lots of things we love about this school! We love the advanced curriculum and how it challenges students. It has set our older kids up for success in taking honor courses, AP courses and in getting accepted into colleges with scholarships. The staff and teachers are approachable, personable, quick to respond and genuinely care about the success and learning of their students. As a parent I especially appreciate the incorporation of grammar, spelling, and penmanship in my children's learning. Flag ceremony each morning is another bonus where the school comes together to pay tribute to our country, flag, and service personnel and also uses the time to recognize students and teachers for their various achievements. We also love that the children/families are not required to sell things to earn money for clubs or activities. I asked my kids what their favorite things about school are and they said that everyone is really nice, no homework is given on Fridays, going to the pep assemblies and field trips is fun, learning to play the violin in orchestra is exciting, and they enjoy being in the school's running club." 

- BFCS Parents

"Everybody - from the staff, to teachers, to students, to all of the families - are engaged and invested in developing high quality people; citizens who will go and change the world for good using the character, education, knowledge, and skills that they developed at Benjamin Franklin High School."

- Parent of BFHS Students