Student Stories - Sean Crandall, '18

Image of Sean Crandall in class - BFHS Senior

Sean Crandall, '18

We had a great time sitting down and talking with Sean about his time at Benjamin Franklin Charter School!

Q: What kind of activities are you involved in?

Sean: I'm in the dance program, choir, football, and soccer. Last year I also participated in our school musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers last year (2017)."

Q: That sounds like a lot of activities! How do you feel you are able to balance them all along with your school work?

Sean: "Balancing all of the extra activities outside of school as well as getting all of the challenging coursework done here at school can be challenging. I've been able to make time for everything because of what I've been taught here - the good study habits and the drive I've been given by this school." 

Q: What do you think of the teachers you've had here?

Sean: "The teachers here are very warm and welcoming people, and I can look up to a lot of them because you can see the virtues they exemplify. They play a great role in our lives as students; they're able to push us by being there to support us through many of our decisions, and even through difficult times. I personally haven't had any particularly difficult times, but I've talked to a lot of my friends who have, and they were able to talk to their teachers and their teachers were there for them. Even when I look back on my time in Jr. High, I can see how my teachers were there for me. They helped us produce good study habits early, because they knew that high school and college can be very difficult. They know that often many people are just trying to get through it, but they want us to not only get through it, but also to love, enjoy it, succeed in it, and surpass what even we think we can achieve."

Q: Tell us a little bit about your journey with Benjamin Franklin.

Picture of Sean and other students singing in choirSean: "My story with Benjamin Franklin begins roughly halfway through my 5th grade year. Immediately I loved my teacher, Mrs. Baxter, all the classes were great, and I started understanding more, I had to actually study for things - I was actually learning instead of just memorizing facts. Then in 6th grade I had another excellent teacher, Mrs. Boyer, and I loved her attitude and her personality. She helped me to see a lot of joy in life - it made me appreciate a lot of things. I continued to have really great teachers all through my Jr. High experience as well."

"Jumping ahead to my 9th grade year, it was just really special. My teachers were all really great and enjoyable - you respect them as a teacher but also feel comfortable in class to study and speak your mind. In 10th grade there was a big emphasis on thinking about why we want to learn things, why we want to argue things, or how we believe in things - not just learning facts to do well on a test, but really understanding the content."

"This year (12th grade) I've gotten a lot of help with applications for college, all my teachers are pushing me, and it's been great! It's been a great wake-up call getting ready for college and getting ready for life, and so all of my teachers have been really supportive of that and are always trying to push for us because they know that we can do it and they can see the effort we put into it, and how we will change people's lives. 

Q: In one sentence, tell us why you're proud to be a Benjamin Franklin Charger.

Sean: "I'm proud to be a part of Benjamin Franklin because the discipline, strength, and integrity found here cannot be matched by the other schools in Arizona."

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