Teachers Share What They Love About BFCS

The following are from current and former BFCS teachers

"I love teaching at Benjamin Franklin Charter School. The program is amazing with proven results. My daughter attended BFCS K-6 (before the JH/HS was built) and she is a successful college graduate pursing her PA degree. I know BFCS gave her the foundational tools needed to be successful. I am grateful I had the choice to send her to a quality school. As a parent and teacher I appreciate the advanced curriculum, values, and back-to-basic education that the students at our school receive. BFCS is the best!

- Mrs. Beavers, 6th Grade Teacher at Crismon, and a BFCS Parent

"I chose to teach here because I loved coming here as a student! BFCS just does things differently! I enjoy the curriculum and love that we teach at a higher level! It really challenges kids! When I was a student at BFCS the curriculum and grading system prepared me for all the AP and Honors classes I took in high school. It's definitely been crazy coming back to a school and system I've been through since kindergarten...just on the other side of the classroom! I'm so happy to say that the classroom I teach in now used to be the classroom where I learned science in 7th & 8th grade! I'm very thankful for BFCS for welcoming me back to the program! It's awesome to be a Franklin Panther!"

- Miss Penrod, Teacher at Power and former student

"Benjamin Franklin is unique because it brings together both classical education and the so called 'normal high school experience'. Students receive three different waves of English and History that go together - this way they are being exposed to the same material at different times, and then it really sinks in to their soul. But also, students have the sports, the clubs, and the activities so that they are having a well-rounded high school experience. I love that both of those things happen for the students. I love that I get to teach what I love every single day, that's the best part of my job. I also love the students, they are so much fun! They are quick, they are witty, and they are intellectually curious which is great because it makes my job all the more exciting. I also love the environment here - the people I work with, and also the activities that go on at this school. It's been great!"

- Miss Wright, History Teacher at BFHS

"What I love about Benjamin Franklin is the emphasis on learning combined with a warm, supportive community of parents, staff and students. Everyone involved strives to enhance the level of communication and interaction so that th students benefit from a cohesive learning environment. I teach here because I feel that I can directly impact the educational growth of my students. It is a dream come true to watch  my students develop into curious, expressive, and intellectually stimulated young adults. Benjamin Franklin provides the platform that allows me to help them with that journey."

- Mrs. Hutchison, 6th Grade Teacher at Gilbert

"A big part of what makes Benjamin Franklin Unique is that we are classical, and that we don't just say it, we actually practice it and it's not just in our reading lists, it's not just in the things that we post on the walls, it's in everything that we do. In every aspect of the school, whether it be the people we bring in to work, whether it be the culture of the parents that we're trying to instill into them that understanding of what this "thing" is - it's part of everything we do, and I think that makes us really unique. There are classical schools who say they're classical, and maybe their reading list is classical, but their culture isn't. We are an innately classical culture." 

- Mr. Kramer, History Teacher at BFHS

"Being a 1st grade teacher, obviously we are teaching the reading foundation, and so I'd say one of the greatest moments that I've had is when I get to see these children start to read. It's such a magical moment because all of a sudden it clicks, like an "a-ha!" moment, where they are putting the words together and sounding them out. To me, one of the greatest foundations for learning is learning how to read, and so being a part of that is very rewarding and probably my favorite part of my job. Seeing that light bulb go on in their minds and knowing that they can do this and be successful is such a wonderful thing to be a part of."

- Mrs. Martineau, 1st Grade Teacher at Crismon

"Teaching at Benjamin Franklin allows me to focus on a subject that I love, and I get to share that passion with students, and am respected for it. So I get to be a mathematician, I get to engage in deep mathematical thinking instead of just rote repetition and regurgitation of formulas and processes. I also love that Benjamin Franklin focuses on reintroducing these ideas that have been the bedrock for western civilization. A lot of schools like to focus more on career aspect or just tell students how to do something, where we like to focus on developing character and the skills that are what makes someone a better person in general, not just a better worker."

- Mr. Kasten, Mathematics Teacher at BFHS


I had my first observation at a school where my philosophy and pedagogy are uncommon, and the practices that were most appreciated were all of the things that were enforced at Franklin. I'm grateful for that. Socratic questioning, bell work, discussion-based learning, walking frequently through the classroom during instruction, holding students accountable through firm due dates and publicly available announcements, frontloading expectations and resources, teaching bell to bell, redeeming transition times, emphasizing strong character education, varying the mode of questioning, providing varied guided notes, using affirmative discipline by setting clear behavioral expectations - all of these things that I learned through my time at Franklin were all lauded at my observation. My principal said he has never seen so many diverse and effective strategies work so cohesively all at once. And not one of them came from me - they were all strategies and teacher expectations from administration at Franklin. Thanks for giving me such a positive foundation. 

- Mrs. Panabaker, former English Teacher at BFHS