Traditional Education (K-6)

We believe that learning, hard work, and fun are not mutually exclusive and that learning should be a joyful and exciting endeavor, especially for children.

Traditional Education is the foundation of our curriculum. During the K-6 years, also known as the Grammar Stage in Classical education, our students focus on learning the fundamental rules, terms, and facts about the following subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Recitations, Penmanship, Spelling, Language, Composition, History, Geography, Science, Health, Music, P.E., and Art, as well as Character, Virtue, and Citizenship.

We focus just as much on personal development as we do academics at Benjamin Franklin. We do this not only by offering specials and extracurriculars, but also through our Virtue Program.

The Core Virtues Program is a literature based method of teaching civic virtues. Teachers set examples for students and teach them through acknowledgment, praise, and role playing.

Traditional Education Aims To:

  • Train the intellect
  • Teach skills
  • Instill a sense of pride in and respect for self, others, and country
  • Equip students with the necessary skills to become decision makers and problem solvers
  • Prepare students for the world outside by challenging them to compete for achievement of standards in the classroom
  • Develop an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of all students regardless of physical appearance and culture

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