Communications between home and school are vital to the success of the school. Report cards are mailed every nine weeks. The report cards are mailed directly to the parents. The information on the report card includes percentages reflecting student achievement in the core and elective subject areas. Sports and clubs are non-graded activities. These report cards do not need to be signed and returned to school. Parents are encouraged to be in frequent contact with teachers regarding their child’s progress. If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher, or to make an appointment for a conference, please email the individual teacher with your name, your child’s name and times during which you will be available. Stopping by the classroom or office before school starts or after its conclusion is usually not an effective way to meet with the teacher. Generally, teachers have duties, sports, clubs and appointments with parents during these times and will not be able to meet with you unless you have made an appointment.

Grading Scale
A 90 – 100
B 80 – 89
C 70 – 79
D 60 – 69
F Below 60 Percent